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Kingdom's Death Reviews

kerrang logo_edited.png

“- a staggering first statement, crafted from shadow and fire. From the moment sludgetastic eight-minute opener Death Is Not The End spills from the speakers, it is clear they're not fucking around. A striking epic of buzzing atmospherics and scourging vocal work, there is something truly stirring in its balance between beauty and dread. "
November 2023

blabbermouth square logo.png

""- a distinctly British doom record that crackles with pagan prickliness and an ominous aura of unnatural horror. It's also a genuinely killer heavy metal record: "King Slayer" feels like the missing link between early BLACK SABBATH and "Battle Hymns"-era MANOWAR, albeit with more intrinsic malevolence than either. Every riff hits the spot, and ACID THRONE's three-way chemistry provides the underlying power.."

November 2023

distorted sound logo.jpg

“For a debut album this is a real statement. ACID THRONE have come out of the gates and laid the gauntlet down for everyone else in the genre. From the creative ideas to the flawless execution, the band have announced themselves as real players here, and laying down something this complete on their debut album means that the sky is really the limit for these guys."

November 2023

The Demo Reviews

“A stellar release, Acid Throne have really announced themselves with this one"
'The Demo' review, August 2022

cvlt legion logo.jpg

"Acid Throne's “The Demo” manages to make the most beloved elements of the scene coalesce by way of rituals, but there's more! Each element ends up harbouring mysticism, creating a nuanced version of what we know, creating lavish scenery that takes you far from civilization (or at least the sort of society we know)."

'The Demo' review, April 2022

Outlaws of the sun logo.png

“If you’re looking for a great band from the UK Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene that has a lot of vicious bite and psychedelic energy, then Acid Throne is the band for you."

'The Demo' review, November 2022

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